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    I'm very excited about the new (2007) edition of I'm Big Enough. First published in 2002 by Koala Books, and illustrated by Lloyd Foye, I'm Big Enough is the tale of Joey Hopalong, who thinks he is big enough to hop alone. The new edition is produced by TaleSpinners . It has the same text and wonderful illustrations, but also includes a CD-Rom of the story, animated using the original artwork, and narrated by the wonderful Lee Perry. The CD-Rom loads easily and instantly. You don't need to install any software. I'm delighted that Joey and his friends is available in such a great new format.

What's it about?

Joey Hopalong thinks he is old enough to hop alone. Mum agrees - but there are always a few fusspots who insist he's not big enough, and needs their help.


Updated 2/3/2007.

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