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Here are a few of the best links to TV shows I find interesting. My taste runs heavily to science fiction and fantasy, but I also enjoy a good cop drama and comedy though my idea of a "good" comedy might differ from yours!


AGAINST THE WIND (site of a 1970s TV series that has thematic links with some of my books.)


ALWAYS GREENER (Site of one of the best Australian comedy/dramas.)


ANGEL (A very extensive and funny though unfinished episode guide.)


ARCHER'S GOON (A detailed review of the series based on Diana Wynne Jones' book.)


THE BILL (An episode list. Should be good if it's ever finished.)


THE BILL (Official site, sadly lacking in info about earlier characters, but good for the new stuff.)


BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (One of many very many homepages. Up to date and quite funny.)


THE BUSH TUCKER MAN (The best page I can find on this great Australian series.)


Cracker A good site about this series.


DALZIEL AND PASCOE (British cop show stars, premise and episode guide.)


DOCTOR WHO (An official home page, with a lot of reading.)


Doctor Who Too (Shannon Patrick Sullivan has produced what I reckon to be the best Doctor Who site on the web.)


Doctor Who Three (fan ratings of episodes.)


Dr Who of Australian Club


FOREVER KNIGHT (Site of a very good vampire series predating Buffy and Angel. Very concise episode guide.)

NOWHERE MAN (Fascinating, often maddening, Canadian series, at least as paranoid as the X Files.)


SEACHANGE (A favourite Australian comedy/drama, sensibly limited to three series.)


STARGATE SG1. (A comprehensive site for this very well-written, well acted sf show.)


A TOUCH OF FROST. (Guide to the British TV series based on the novels of D. Wingfield.)


X-FILES (An episode guide to the whole nine series.)



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