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Abrahall, C.H.


 Prelude.  (Fictionalised story of pianist Eileen Joyce's childhood.)



Jessica Adams.


Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry



Adler, C.S.


Down by the River.

Footsteps on the Stairs.

In my House, Scott is My Brother.


Ahlberg, Allan





Aiken, Joan


All but a Few (Short stories.)


Black Hearts in Battersea  (Alternative history series #2.)

Bridle the Wind  (Alternative history series.)

The Cuckoo Tree  (Alternative history series.)

The Faithless Lollybird. (Short stories.)

The Five Minute Marriage  (historical romance.)

Fog Hounds, Wind Cat, Sea Mice  (Short novels.)

Go Saddle the Sea  (Alternative history series.)

A Harp of Fishbones  (Short stories.)

The Kingdom Under the Sea  (Short stories.)

The Lightning Tree  (Historical novel – set partly in Britain, partly in India.)

Midnight is a Place

A Necklace of Raindrops  (Short stories.)

Nightbirds on Nantucket  (Alternative history series.)

Nightfall  (Excellent short YA novel – mystery romance.)

Past Eight O’clock  (Short stories.)

The Shadow Guests  (YA novel – mystery/fantasy.)

A Small Pinch of Weather. (Short stories.)

The Smile of the Stranger  (Historical romance – connected with Lightning Tree.)

A Touch of Chill

Voices  (Short suspense novel.)

The Whispering Mountain  (Novel set in Wales.)

Winterthing and the Mooncusser’s daughter  (Plays.)

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase  (Alternative history series #1.)


Ainsworth, Ruth


The Phantom Fisherboy (Short stories.)




Alcock, Vivien


 The Cuckoo Sister

Ghostly Companions

The Haunting of Cassie Palmer

The Monster Garden

Singer to the Sea God

The Sylvia Game

Travellers by Night

The Trial of Anna Cotman.


Alcott, Louisa


 Aunt Jo’s Scrapbag  (Short stories.)

 The Chase  (Short stories.)

 A Garland for Girls  (Short stories.)

 Good Wives

 Good Wives (Abridged)

 Jack and Jill

 Little Women

 Rose in Bloom.


Goldie Alexander
Mavis Road Medley


Alexander, Karl


Time after Time. (Novel about HG Wells - fantasy.)


Alexander, Lloyd


 The Black Cauldron (Prydain series #2.)

 The Book of Three (Prydain series #1.)

 The Castle of Llyr (Prydain series #3.)

 The High King (Prydain series #5.)

 Taran Wanderer  (Prydain series #4.)


Alexander, Marc


Mist Lizard

Not After Nightfall



Gabriel Alington


Willow’s Luck



David Almond




Allan, Mabel Esther


Alone at Pine Street.

Friends at Pine Street

The Pine Street Problem

The Wood Street Group


Allen, Garrison


 Dinosaur Cat. (Humour/detective – part of a series.)


Alliott, Catherine


A Married Man

The Real Thing. (Humour/romance.)


Allende, Isabel


The House of the Spirits


Allen, Judy


The Stones of the Moon

Sydney Quest


Amis, Kingsley


What became of Jane Austen


Anderson, Margaret J


 In the Keep of Time


Anderson, Poul


People of the Wind



Anderson, Verily


Clover Coverdale

The Yorks in London


Andrew, Prudence


Where are You Going to, My Pretty Maid?



Andrews, Stephen


Cubs on Saturday



Anthony, Piers


And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality series #7. - God)

 Bearing an Hourglass (Incarnations of Immortality series #1. - Time)

 Being a Green Mother (Incarnations of Immortality series #3. - Nature)

 Blue Adept (Apprentice Adept series #2.)

 Castle Roogna (Xanth series.)

 Centaur Isle (Xanth series.)

 Chaos Mode (Mode series #3.)

 The Colour of her Panties (Xanth series.)

 Crewel Lye(Xanth series.)

 Dead Moon (co-written.)

 Demons Don’t Dream (Xanth series.)

 Dragon on a Pedestal (Xanth series.)

 For the Love of Evil (Incarnations of Immortality series #6. - Satan)

 Fractal Mode (Mode series #2.)


 God of Tarot

 Golem in the Gears (Xanth series.)

 Hard Sell

 Harpy Thyme (Xanth series.)


 Heaven Cent (Xanth series.)

 Isle of View (Xanth series.)

 Juxtaposition  (Apprentice Adept series #3.)


 Man from Mundania (Xanth series.)


 Nightmare (Xanth series.)

 Ogre, Ogre (Xanth series.)

 On a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality series #2 - Death)

 Out of Phaze (Apprentice Adept series #4.)

 Phaze Doubt (Apprentice Adept series #7.)

 Question Quest (Xanth series.)

 Robot Adept (Apprentice Adept series #5.)

 and Margroff, Robert E, Serpent’s Silver

 Sos the Rope

 The Source of Magic (Xanth series.)

 A Spell for Chameleon (Xanth series.)

 Split Infinity (Apprentice Adept series #1.)


 Total Recall (novelisation.)

 Unicorn Point (Apprentice Adept series #6.)

 Vale of the Vole (Xanth series.)

 Virtual Mode (Mode series #1.)

 With a Twisted Skein (Incarnations of Immortality series #5 - Fate)

 Wielding a Red Sword (Incarnations of Immortality series #4 - War)



K.A. Applegate


EverWorld- Entertain the End



Archer, Jeffrey


Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less



Armstrong, Tilly


Joy Runs High (romances.)

Small Town Girl



Arthur, Ruth M


A Candle in her Room

Candlemas Mystery

The Whistling Boy



Arundel, Honor


The Blanket Word

Emma in Love (Emma series #3)

Emma's Island (Emma series #2)

A Family Failing

The Girl in the Opposite Bed

The Longest Weekend

The Two Sisters



Ashe, Rosalind


Hurricane Wake



Asher, Sandy


Everything is not Enough

Just Like Jenny



Bernard Ashley


High Pavement Blues.




Asimov, Isaac


Asimov’s Extraterrestrials (Short stories.)

 Asimov’s Ghosts (Short stories.)

 Asimov’s Mysteries (Short stories.)

 Azazel (Short stories.)

 Authorised Murder

 Buy Jupiter (Short stories.)

 *Casebook of the Black Widowers (Short stories.)

 The Early Asimov, Vol. 3.

 The Gods Themselves

 More Tales of the Black Widowers (Short stories.)

 Nine Tomorrows (Short stories.)


 Pirates of the Asteroids

* Puzzles of the Black Widowers (Short stories.)

 The Sport of Crime (Short stories.)

* Tales of the Black Widowers. (Short stories.)



Asprin, Robert


 Another Fine Myth

 Hit or Myth

 Little Myth Marker

 Myth Conceptions

 Myth Directions

 M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link

 Mything Persons

 Phule’s Parade



Axler, James


Genesis Echo






Babbitt, Natalie


Eyes of the Amaryllis

Goody Hall

Tuck Everlasting



Bach, Richard


Jonathan Livingstone Seagull



Bacia, Jennifer


A Moment in Time.



Baillie, Allan





Anne Baker


A Mersey Duet



Baker, Ivy


The Dingo Summer

A Handful of Magic



Baker, Margaret


*The Cats of Honeytown.



Baker, Michael


 The Mountain and the Summer Stars



Balderson, Margaret


 A Dog Called George

When Jays Fly to Barbmo



Ball, Duncan


The Ghost and the Gory Story

The Ghost and the Shutterbug

The Great Australian Snake Exchange

Piggotts in Peril

Selby Screams



Ball, Margaret

 * Mathemagics (Fun fantasy)

No earthly Sunne



Banks, Lynne Reid


The Backward Shadow (Jane Graham series #2)

 Dark Quartet (About the Brontes)

 The L-Shaped Room (Jane Graham series #1)


 My Darling Villain

 Mystery of the Cupboard

 Sarah and After

 Two is Lonely (Jane Graham series #3)

 The Writing on the Wall



Barber, Antonia


The Amazing Mr Blunden.



Barham, R.H.


The Ingoldsby Legends



Neville Barnard


Ghost Flames



Barne, Kitty




Emily Barr





Barr, Pat





Barrett, Anne





Susan Barrie


The Gates of Dawn



Bastion, Greg


The Great Secondhand Supper



Bates, Diane


Belly Busters



Battle, Lois


 A Habit of the Blood


Nina Bawden

Rebel on a Rock



Baxter, Gillian


The Difficult Summer (Bobby series #2)

Jump to the Stars (Bobby series #1)

The Perfect Horse (Bobby series #3)

Ribbons and Rings

Special Delivery



Bayley, Viola


Jersey Adventure



Beachcroft, Nina


A Spell of Sleep.

Well Met by Witchlight


Beagle, Peter S.


 The Folk of the Air



Beaton, M. C.


Death of a Gossip (Hamish Macbeth series)

Death of a Hussy. (Hamish Macbeth series)

Death of a Scriptwriter. (Hamish Macbeth series)



Beatty, John and Patricia


Campion Towers



Beeson, George


Five Roads to Freedom



Bell, Catherine


Devon Venture (Only book I've ever heard of by this author)



Bell, Hilary


Mirror Mirror



Bell, Krista


 Read My Mind



Bell, Melissa


Living Famously.



Benary-Isbert, Margot


 The Wicked Enchantment



Bennett, Elizabeth


The Afternoons of a Woman of Leisure.

Last Run

Title Role



Lydia Bennett


The Folly



Bennetts, Pamela





Beresford, Elisabeth


 Awkward Magic



Berlitz, Charles, and Moore, William


 The Philadelphia Experiment



Berna, Paul


 One Hundred Thousand Francs (Had to study this at school)



Bernard, Patricia


Riddle of the Trumpala

The Stolen Giant Cheesecake

We are Tam




Judith M. Berrisford


Skipper and Son




Bertram, Rosamond


Ann Thorn in America

Ann Thorn, Reporter



Bibby, James





Bibby, Violet


 Many Waters (Historical romance (YA). Set in the fens)

Tinner’s Quest

The Wilding



Biege, Paul


 Far Beyond and Back Again.



Franny Billingsley


 The Folk Keeper



Bischoff, David





Bishop, Sheila


 Long Summer Shadows



Black, Campbell


 Raiders of the Lost Ark (novelisation.)



Black, Laura


Wild Cat



Blacker, Terence


Ms Wiz; Banned

Ms Wiz Loves Dracula

You’re Nicked, Ms Wiz



Cindy Blake


I Saw You First



Jon Blake


Geoffrey’s First



Blathwayt, Jean


House of Shadows (Purchased because the heroine shared my (maiden) surname)

Jenny Leads the Way



Blish, James


Welcome to Mars



Blume, Judy





Blyton, Enid


The Naughtiest Girl in the School

The O'Sullivan Twins

Summer Term at St Clares.



Bon, Vivienne


Flesh and Blood



Booth, Martin


Panther (Surrey panther story – bought because of the tie-in with Monica Edwards' "The Wild One".)



Boston, L


The Children of Green Knowe

The Chimneys of Green Knowe

An Enemy at Green Knowe

The Stones of Green Knowe



Bowen, Marjorie


The King's Favourite

The Viper of Milan



Bowkett, Stephen





Boyd, Neil


 Father Under Fire



Boylston, Helen Dore


Carol goes on the Stage.

Carol on Tour.



Bradley, Marion Zimmer


The Bloody Sun

Hunter of the Red Moon

The Mists of Avalon



Bradshaw, Gillian


 Kingdom of Summer



Brandon, Beatrice


The Court of Silver Shadows.

The Cliffs of Night.  (Only two books by this author – and "she" was actually a man.)



Brashares, Ann


The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.



Braun, Lilian Jackson


 The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts.



Janette Brazel


Dead Giveaway.



J.H. Brennan


The Return of Barmy Jeffers and the Quasimodo Walk



Brent, Madeleine


The Capricorn Stone (All unrelated historical romantic suspense – set mostly in Victorian times)

Golden Urchin

A Heritage of Shadows

Kirkby’s Changeling

The Long Masquerade

Merlin’s Keep

Moonraker’s Bride


Tregaron’s Daughter (I have all this writer's books – "she" was actually Peter O'Donnell.)



Brent-Dyer, Elinor M.


 The New Chalet School.

The Chalet School and the Island



Brett, Simon


 An Amateur Corpse. (Charles Paris series)

Cast, in Order of Disappearance. (Charles Paris series)

Mrs Pargeter’s Plot.

Mrs Pargeter’s Pound of Flesh.

Murder Unprompted (Charles Paris series)

So Much Blood. (Charles Paris series)

Star Trap. (Charles Paris series)

Three Detectives and the Missing Superstar.



Brice, Martin H.


The Witch in the Cave (A review title)



Briggs, K.M.


 Hobberdy Dick



Briggs, Phyllis


 Son of Black Beauty (A gift)



Brinsmead, Hesba F.


Beat of the City (I've read most of this author's books – my sister has them)

Longtime Dreaming

Pastures of the Blue Crane

A Sapphire for September



Bromige, Iris


 An April Girl (Rainwood series)

The Broken Bough

The Changing Tide

Come Love, Come Hope (Rainwood series)

The Golden Summer (Rainwood series)

A Haunted Landscape (Rainwood series)

The Stepdaughter (Rainwood series)

The Tangled Web (Rainwood series)



Brooks, Terry


The Elf Queen of Shannara

Magic Kingdom for Sale / Sold.

Wizard At Large



Brigid Brophy


In Transit



Brown, Mary


Playing the Jack



Brown, Mary


The Unlikely Ones



Brown, Pamela


As Far as Singapore

Backstage Portrait

The Bridesmaids

The Girl Who Ran Away

Golden Pavements (Blue Door series #2)

Harlequin Corner

A Little Universe

Looking After Libby

Maddy Again (Blue Door series #4)

Maddy Alone x2 (Blue Door series #3)

Summer is a Festival

The Swish of the Curtain X2 (Blue Door series #1)

To Be a Ballerina

The Windmill Family



Browning, William


Grimm Grange



Bruce, Dorita Fairlie


 Dimsie Among the Prefects

Dimsie Carries On

Dimsie Goes Back

Dimsie Goes to School

Dimsie Grows Up

Dimsie; Head Girl

Dimsie Moves Up Again

Nancy at St Brides



Bruce, Mary Grant


Circus Ring (I've read most of this author's books – my sister has them)

Peter and Co

The Twins of Emu Plains



Bryan, Maureen


The BMX Kids.



Buchan, John


 The Thirty Nine Steps (Had to study this at school)



Anthony Buckeridge


Jennings and Darbishire




Buckingham, Marjorie


Broad is the Way



Buckingham, Nancy




Laura Budd

Augustine’s Lunch



Lois McMaster Bujold


A Civil Campaign

Cordelia’s Honour





Bull, Angela


The Friend with a Secret




Burke, David





Burford, Lolah


 The Vision of Stephen



Burnett, Frances Hodgeson


 A Little Princess

The Lost Prince

The Secret Garden




Burroughs, Edgar Rice


The Beasts of Tarzan

The Return of Tarzan

Science Fiction Classics

The Son of Tarzan

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

Tarzan of the Apes



Burton Albert Jr.


Codes for Kids



Burton, Hester


To Ravensrigg



Charles Butler

The Fetch of Mardy Watt

Timon’s Tide


Butler, Nancy


The Prodigal Hero

Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh

Regency Christmas Eve

Regency Christmas



Butler, Richard


Against the Wind



Buxton, Meg


 No Earthly Reason



A.S. Byatt


 The Game



Byers, Betsy


 Bingo Brown; Gypsy Lover.



Byers, Irene


Cameras on Caroline



Byrd, Elizabeth


The Lady of Monkton





Byfield, Barbara Ninde


 The Man Who Made Gold.



Eugene Byrne








Cadell, Elizabeth


Canary Yellow

The Corner Shop

Deck With Flowers

The Golden Collar

The Lark Shall Sing

The Marrying Kind

Round Dozen

Shadows on the Water

The Stratton Story



Caldwell, Taylor, and Stearn, Jess


 Romance of Atlantis



Cameron, Eleanor


The Court of the Stone Children



Carey, Rosa N



Little Miss Muffet.



Carmody, Isobelle





Carpenter, Richard





Carter, Bruce





Cartland, Barbara


 The Private Life of Charles 11.



Casella, Antonio


The Sensualist



Steve Cash


The MeQ



Cassedy, Sheila


 Behind the Attic Wall



Caswell, Brian



Merryll of the Stones




Catran, Ken






Chambers, Aidan


Love All (Shelved at !M) (Short stories, including one by !Margaret Mahy.)

On the Edge (Short stories)

Shades of Dark (Short stories)



Chance, Stephen


Septimus and the Danedyke Mystery (Septimus series #1)

Septimus and the Minster Ghost. (Septimus series #2)

Septimus and the Spy Ring  (Septimus series #4 – a prequel)

The Stone of Offering. (Septimus series #3)



Channon, E.M.


The Honour of the House



Chappell, Mollie.


Rhodesian Adventure



Chauncy, Nan


 Lizzie Lights (I've read most of this author's books – my sister has them)


They Found a Cave

World’s End was Home.



Chaundler, Christine


The Chivalrous Fifth.

Jan of the Fourth.

The Madcap of the School



Chesney, Marion



Diana the Huntress.

The Taming of Annabelle




Ruth Chew


The Wishing Tree




Chilton, Irma


 String of Time. (Chilling little YA time travel – very short.)



Christie, Agatha


Destination Unknown (I've read most of this author's books – my sister has them)

The Hollow

The Murder at the Vicarage



Christie, May


The Girl he Wanted (Was my mother's)

Luxury Model



Christopher, John


 The Lotus Caves



Ciddor, Anna



Unplugged: Toilets Through the Ages




Clark, Margaret D


 Famous for Five Minutes



Clark, Mavis Thorpe


Blue Above the Trees (I've read most of this author's books – my sister has them)




Clarke, Arthur C


 Deep Range

Dolphin Island X2 (A childhood favourite)

Islands in the Sky

Of Time and Stars

Tales of Ten Worlds


Clarke, Judith


Big Night Out



Clark, Margaret


Humans for Breakfast

Kiss and make up



Clarke, Pauline

Two Faces of Silenus



Charlesworth, M.L.


Ministering Children (A historical curiosity)



Cleary, Beverly


Dear Mr Henshaw

Ramona Forever

Sister of the Bride




J.M. Coetzee





Isabel Colegate





Collier, Leona


The Ghostly Bridegroom



Collins, Paul


The Great Ferret Race.



Compton, D.G.


 The Missionaries



Conford, Ellen


 A Royal Pain.



Conrad, Pam





Cookson, Catherine


 Goodbye Hamilton.



Coolidge, Susan


 What Katy Did (3 book omnibus)




Wendy Cooling


Ten of the Best



Cooper, Edmund


The Cloud Walker



Cooper, Gordon


 A Time in the City



Cooper, Jilly





 Love and Other Heartaches (short stories)





 Super Jilly (non fiction)



Cooper, Susan


The Boggart

The Dark is Rising (Dark is Rising series #2)

Dawn of Fear

Greenwitch (Dark is Rising series #3)

The Grey King (Dark is Rising series #4)

King of shadows (Shakespearean story)


Silver on the Tree (Dark is Rising series #5)

Under Sea, Under Stone (Dark is Rising series #1)



Corbin, William


 Horse in the House



Corlett, William


 The Tunnel Behind the Waterfall



Cornwell, Bernard


 Sea Lord



Catherine Coulter


Lord Harry’s Folly



Couper, Susan


 Pelican Point (The first book I ever assessed – back in the 1970s)



Courtney, Gwendoline


Elizabeth of the Garret Theatre



Coville, Bruce


 Oddly Enough.



Cowper, Richard


Time out of Mind




Cresswell, Helen


The Bongle Weed

Ellie and the Hagwitch


Ordinary Jack (Bagthorpe series #1)

The Piemakers

The Secret World of Polly Flint.

The Signposters


The Winter of the Birds


Crew, Gary


Inventing Anthony West

Strange Objects



Crispin, A.C.


 V (novelisation.)



Cross, Claire


Love Potion #9



Cross, Gillian


Born of the Sun


The Dark Behind the Curtain

The Demon Headmaster (Demon Headmaster series #1)

A Map of Nowhere

The Mintyglo Kid

On the Edge

The Prime Minister's Brain (Demon Headmaster series #2)

Roscoe's Leap

Strike at Ratcliffe’s Rags.




Jennifer Crusie


Crazy For You

Getting Rid of Bradley



Cumming, Primrose


 Silver Snaffles.



Curlewis, Jean (Daughter of Ethel Turner)


 Drowning Maze

The Ship that never set Sail.



Curry, Jane Louise


 The Bassumtyte Treasure X2.

The Daybreakers

The Housenappers

The Lost Farm

The Mysterious Shrinking House



Cushman, Carolyn


 Witch and Wombat



Cushman, Karen


The Midwife's Apprentice




Cusick, Richie Tankersley


 Teacher's Pet






Daddo, Andrew


Dog of a Day.



Dalton, Annie


 The Afterdark Princess

 The Alpha Box


 Naming the Dark

 Out of the Ordinary

 Swan Sister

Winging It

 The Witch Rose (Lovely "young" fantasy)


Johnny Danalis

Dog 37



Daneman, Meredith


 Francie and the Boys (Theatrical story)

The Groundling



Darcy, Clare











Gladys Davidson


Ballet Stories for Young People



Davidson, Sally Rogers


Polymer (Excellent sf space opera)

Spare Parts



Dean, Pamela


Tam Lin.



Deary, Terry


The Knight of Stars and Storms. (Part of a series)



Dehn, Olive


Good-bye Day



De Jong, Meindert


 The Wheel on the School.



Dela, Helena


 The Count




Kaz Delaney


My Life as a Snow Bunny

Princesses Don’t Sweat



Dell, Ethel M.


 The Tidal Wave and Other Stories



Delves, Nancy


 Well Played Scotts (Was my mother's)



De Trevino, Elizabeth Borton


Beyond the Gates of Hercules


Jude Deveraux


The Mulberry Tree



De Vinge,  Joan


Ladyhawk (novelisation.)



Dewar, Elizabeth


 Mirror Mirror II.



Dickens, Monica


 Ballad of Favour

Cobblers Dream (Forerunner of Follyfoot series)

Dora at Follyfoot (Follyfoot series)

Follyfoot  (Follyfoot series #1)

The Horses of Follyfoot (Follyfoot series)

The House at World's End (World's End series #1)

One Pair of Feet

Spring Comes to World's End (World's End series #4)

Summer at World's End (World's End series #2)

World's End in Winter (World's End series #3)



Dickinson, Peter


The Devil's Children (Weathermonger series #3)

Emma Tupper's Journal

The Gift X2

Heartsease (Weathermonger series #2)

and Lamplugh, Lois, Mandog

The Seventh Raven

The Weathermonger (Weathermonger series #1)




Marguerite Dickson





Digby, Anne


Boy Trouble at Trebizan

The Hockey Term at Trebizan

A Horse Called September

The Tennis Term at Trebizan.



Dixon, Paige


A Time to Love and A Time to Mourn



DOCTOR WHO -        An Unearthly Child

Cat's Cradle - Witchmark

The Cave Monsters

The Loch Ness Monster

The Monster of Peladon

The Second Quiz




Doherty, Berlie


 Street Child



Donkin, Nance


The Best of the Bunch 




Drake, Angela





Drew, Wayland





Duane, Diane


 Deep Wizardry. (Part of a series)




Cathy East Dubowski


Sabrina; A Dog’s Life

Sabrina; Fortune Cookie Fox


Dudley, Earnest


An Elephant Called Slowly



Duffin, Ruth


The Fairy Cup (Story from my childhood – set in Ireland)



Duncan, Frances


The Toothpaste Genie



Duncan, Lois


The Eyes of Karen Connors.

Gallows Hill.

I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Killing Mr Griffin

Locked in Time

Stranger with my Face.

Summer of Fear.



Duncan, Margaret


The Witch Stone



Dunlop, Eileen



The Valley of Deer



Roger Dunn

Matty Trakker and the UFO



Dunsany, Lord


At the Edge of the World



Durrell, Gerald


The Bafut Beagles

Beasts in my Belfry

Birds, Beasts and Relatives

Catch Me a Colobus

The Donkey Rustlers (Fiction. Humour/adventure)

Fillets of Plaice

The New Noah

Rosy is My Relative (Fiction – about a man who inherits an elephant.)

The Sationary Ark



Durrell, Lawrence


White Eagles over Serbia




Eager, Edward


Half Magic

Knight’s Castle

Magic By The Lake

The Time Garden



Eager, Frances


Time Tangle



Eaton, Joan


Secret in Silver



Eddings, David


The Diamond Throne

Guardians of the West

The Ruby Knight



Edghill, Rosemary


The Bowl Of Night (Bast series #3 – wicca/detective.)

 The Book of Moons (Bast series #1 – wicca/detective.)

 Fleeting Fancy (Regency.)

 The Ill Bred Bride (Regency.)

 Met by Moonlight (Time travel romance.)

 Speak Daggers to Her  (Bast series #2 – wicca/detective.)



Edwards, Dorothy


 The Magician Who Kept a Pub.

A Strong and Willing Girl.



Edwards, Hazel


 General Store



Edwards, Monica


 Badger Valley

Black Hunting Whip x3

Cargo of Horses

*The Cats of Punchbowl Farm.

The Cownappers

Fire in the Punchbowl

Hidden in a Dream

*Joan Goes Farming

*The Nightbird

No Entry

No Going Back

No Mistaking Corker

*Operation Seabird

The Outsider

Punchbowl Midnight

Punchbowl Harvest

Rennie Goes Riding

Spirit of Punchbowl Farm

*Storm Ahead

Strangers to the Marsh

The Summer of the Great Secret

*The Valley and the Farm

The Wanderer

The White Riders

A Wind is Blowing

Wish for a Pony



Eisenstein, Phyllis


 Born To Exile



Eldridge, Denise


 Kindle a Candle

The Queen's Choyce



Ellison, Lynne


The Green Bronze Mirror (Time travel – 14 y-o author.)



Hebe Elsna

The Little Goddess



Laura Emmet.


Julie Trent and the Lightning




Enright, D.J.


Beyond Land's End.

Wild Ghost Chase.



Enright, Elizabeth


And Then there were Five (Melendy series #3)

The Four Storey Mistake (Melendy series #2)

Gone Away Lake

The Saturdays (Melendy series #1)

Spiderweb for Two (Melendy series #4)



Rose Estes


Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons



Estey, Dale


 A Lost Tale


Jean Estoril


Ballet for Drina

Drina Dances in Italy

Drina’s Dancing Year



Evans, Constance M


The Brown Rose




Faire, Zabrina


 Lady Blue



Faranda, Melaina


The Circle; Gift



Farjeon, Eleanor


 Faithful Jenny Dove. (Short stories)

The Glass Slipper.

The Silver Curlew.



Farmer, Penelope


Charlotte Sometimes

Emma in Winter

Year King.



Farrell, Anne


The Calf on Shale Hill (Guara series #2)

Eight Days at Guara (Guara series #3)

The Gift-Wrapped Pony (Guara series #1)

Shadow Summer (Guara series #4)







Fatchen, Max


Chase Through the Night

Conquest of the River

The River Kings

The Spirit Wind.

The Time Wave



Barry Faville


The Return



Alison Fellow

The Grey Dancer



Fellows, Catherine


 The Heywood Inheritance


The Marriage Masque




Fennimore, Stephen


Bush Holiday



Ferguson, Ruby


 Jill and the Perfect Pony

Jill Enjoys her Ponies

Jill Has Two Ponies (Jill series #2)

Jill’s Gymkhana (Jill series #1)

Jill’s Pony Trek

Jill’s Riding Club

Pony Jobs for Jill

Rosettes for Jill

A Stable for Jill



Fielding, Liz


Gentlemen Prefer – Brunettes.

Conflict of Hearts

The Tycoon’s Takeover.

Wild Lady



Fine, Anne


The Angel of Nitshill Road.

Anneli, the Art Hater

Bill’s New Frock

The Book of the Banshee

Flour Babies

Madam Doubtfire

The Other, Darker Ned. (Ione series #2)

A Pack of Liars

The Same Old Story Every Year

The Stone Menagerie

Stranger Danger?

A Sudden Glow of Gold

A Sudden Puff of Glittering Dust

The Summerhouse Loon (Ione series #1)



Fineberg, Anna


Wiggy and Boa



Finlay, Winifred


 Beadbonny Ash




Suzanne Finnamore


 Old Maid




Fisher, Catherine


The Snowwalker's Son



Fisher, Dorothy Canfield


Understood Betsy



Fisk, Nicholas


 Monster Maker



Fitzhugh, Louise


 Harriet, the Spy.



Flanagan, Joan


The Ghost in the Gazebo (Very good ghost story)

Rose Terrace


The Squealies



Flanders, Rebecca





Fleischman, Paul


A Fate Totally Worse than Death




Fleischman, Sid


 The Whipping Boy



Forbes, Debbie, (Joint author)


Culture Shock



Ford, Paul


 Companion to Narnia (shelved at L)



Forest, Antonia


The Attic Term

The Cricket Term X2.

End of Term

Falconers’ Lure

The Marlows and the Traitor

Peter’s Room

The Players and the Rebels

The Players Boy

The Ready-Made Family

Run Away Home

The Thuggery Affair X2



Forest, Regan





Forrester, Helen


 Liverpool Daisy



Foster, Alan Dean


The Clash of the Titans



Foster, Elizabeth





Fowler, Thurley


 The Green Wind

Not Again, Dad!

There's a Bushranger in My Bedroom



Foy, George


 The Shift



Frances, Helen


 The Devil’s Stone

Edge of Fear



Francis, Dick


Break In

Driving Force.

Hot Money


10lb Penalty x 2

Twice Shy

Wild Horses



Francis, Louisa


 Desire under Capricorn



Frauca, Harry


 Striped Wolf



Freedman, Nancy


 Joshua, Son of None



Freeman, Barbara C


A Haunting Air

Two Thumb Thomas



Pamela Freeman


The Willow Tree’s Daughter



French, Jackie


Alien Games. (Short stories)

The Black House

The Book of Unicorns (Short stories)



Esther Firesner


Chicks in Chainmail

The Chick is in the Mail

Chicks ‘n’ Chained Males

Did You Say Chicks?



Fry, Rosalie, K


Snowed Up





Gabaldon, Diana


Cross Stitch



Gaiman, Neil




…and Terry Pratchett

Good Omens


Gallico, Paul


The Adventures of Hiram Holliday





Gard, Joyce


*The Dragon of the Hill

The Hagwaste Donkeys




Gardam, Jane


The Hollow Land



Gardiner, Joyce


All on a Summer’s Day.

Who Was Sylvia?



Gardner, Craig Shaw


 A Malady of Magicks.



Garfield, Leon


 Mister Corbett’s Ghost and other stories.



Garner, Alan


A Bag of Moonshine


The Moon of Gomrath (Series #2)

The Owl Service

Red Shift

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen (Series #1)



Garner, James Finn


Once Upon a More Enlightened Time


Garratt, Julie


 The Marriage Solution.



Gates, Doris


 *The Cat and Mrs Cary



Gaye, Carol


Live and Let Love



Gee, Maurice


The World around the Corner



Geras, Adele

The Green Behind the Glass

Happy Endings



Mary Gervaise

          That Imp Miranda


Gilbert, Anna

Flowers for Lilian



Giles, Barbara

Bicycles Don’t Fly

Gone Wild



Gill, Judy


No Strings Attached

Summer Lover



Jane Gillespie


A Guest at the Wedding




Hermione Gingold


How to Grow Old Disgracefully



Gipe, George


Back to the Future



Gleeson, Libby



Eleanor Elizabeth



Gleitzman, Maurice



Second Childhood


Gliori, Debi


Pure Dead Brilliant



Godden, Rumer


The Greengage Summer.



Goetze, Jutta


Dolphins dance



Goodrich, Joan


Vandemon's Daughter



Gordon, Gaelyn


Damp Rat

River Song

Take Me to your Leaders



Gordon, John


Catch Your Death

The Ghost on the Hill

The Giant Under the Snow



Goudge, Elizabeth


Henrietta's House

Herb of Grace

Joy of the Snow

Linnets and Valerians

The Little White Horse

Make Believe



Gough, Sue


Here Comes the Night.

It's a Long Way to Tipperary.

Nether Regions.




Grafton, Sue


B is for Burglar (Kinsey Milhone Series #2)

E is for Evidence. (Kinsey Milhone Series #5)



Caroline Graham

A Ghost in the Machine (Inspector Barnaby Series)



Grant, Charles


The X Files; Whirlwind



Gray, Nicholas Stuart


The Apple-stone (click to read review)

The Edge of Evening. (Short stories)



Gray, Elizabeth Janet


Adam of the Road.



Nigel Gray


Night Music



Greaves, Margaret


Cat’s Magic

The Grandmother Stone



Greeley, Andrew M


 The God Game



Green, Sharon


 Fantasy Man



Greenwald, Sheila


It All Began with Jane Eyre



Greenwood, Kerry


Raisins and Almonds

Cocaine Blues

Queen of the Flowers

 Urn Burial. (Phryne Fisher Series – Jazz Age Detective. My sister has the set.)




Grey, Estelle


Julie Gordon and the New Guinea Smugglers

Julie Gordon, Exchange Student



Grey, Peter


Kit Hunter Show Jumper; Bush Adventure



Griffiths, Margaret W


 The House on the Fjord



Grocott, Ann


Danni’s Desperate Journey

Duck for Danger



Gunn, John


The Goodbye Island (Col, Andrew, Ian and Barbara #2)

The Humpy in the Hills (Col, Andrew, Ian and Barbara #1)


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