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Creating a Fantasy World

Creating and naming Fantasy Settings.

Author and manuscript assessor Sally Odgers takes you step by step through what you need to create a viable world for your fantasy story or novel. Learn how to create, name and populate a new world/planet.

Find out how to make your setting fresh and original, avoiding pitfalls such as producing a shadowy version of Narnia or Middle Earth.

Creating a Fantasy World is now available in print and PDF as well as in the original MS Word doc format.

To examine or purchase this product in print, click Here. Payment is made by credit card or Paypal.

To purchase the PDF or original MS Word format, send an e-mail to OR  with "Creating a Fantasy World" in the subject line. The cost is $20.00, plus GST where applicable. Payment may be made by cheque, money order or Paypal. The course will be sent to you by e-mail. If buying directly from me, be sure to specify "PDF" or "doc format".

Here is a list of the course contents.




Part One: Fantasy Levels. (Page 4)

Fantasy Defined

Fantasy Levels

Levels One to Six

Other Levels

 Part Two: Fantasy Settings in Our World.  (Page 9)

 Choosing a Setting

Advantages in Using Real Settings

Disadvantages in Using Real Settings

Fictional Features in Real Settings

Exercise One

Exercise Two

Small Settings

Hidden Attic

Magical Room

Haunted House

Fantasy Houses

Exercise Three

Settings for Fantasy Creatures Met in Our World

Integrated Fantasy Characters

Exercise Four

Exercise Five

Settings Superimposed on Our World

Exercise Six

The Past as a Fantasy Setting

Imaginary Countries

 Part Three; Fantasy Settings in Other Worlds. (Page 29)

Creating Other Worlds

Existing (and Famous) Developed Fantasy Worlds.


Middle Earth

Diana Wynne Jonesí Worlds

Part Four: Creating an Otherworldly Fantasy Setting. (Page 33)

Creating a Fantasy World

Questions to ask and answer when creating your world.

How close to our reality?

Exercise Seven.

Humans as major protagonists?

Exercise Eight

Exercise Nine

Other Characters?

Traditions for Fairies

Shakespearian Fairy Setting.

Setting for Nature Spirit Fairies.

Hollow Hill Setting


Choosing a Tradition.

Traditions from Modern Literature


Exercise Ten

Exercise Eleven

Original Fantasy Creations

Exercise Twelve


Climate and terrain

Coastal Setting and others.

Technological stages

Popular Periods on Which Fantasy Settings Are Based

Things to Consider

Cultural Similarities

Using Logic


Industries, governments, and general social conditions.

Exercise Thirteen


Exercise Fourteen

Royalty, Nobility, Class and Government


Exercise Fifteen.

Marriage and Family

Medicine, Magic and Science

Fantasy Vocabulary


Family Relationships

Settlements, Houses, Transport



Names and Naming

Seasons, Hours, Miles, Money, Festivals

Exercise Sixteen



Exercise Seventeen


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