One thing many people overlook is the fact that writing is hard work. It is very tiring both physically and mentally. I can recommend writing as a cure for nightmares and insomnia. After a day at the keyboard I'm much too tired for either. However, it is the physical side of writing that I'm addressing on this page.


My first book was published in 1977. Now, in December 2002, I've passed the 230 mark.


I typed for a total of 20 years without much trouble.


In 1997, I wrote a 100,000 word novel in 31 days.


In 1999, I put in a marathon three weeks with an average of 10,000 words a day. My feet swelled and so did my fingers, but I put that down to the heater I was using to keep warm.


In 2000, I started having pains in my hand when using my mouse.


By 2001, I was in so much pain (both hands) that I could manage a paltry 1500 words a day.


These days, I am fighting back with a mixture of exercise (see link below), which includes a 4 – 9 km walk and/or jog 6 days a week and lifting light weights for about 10 mins a day.


Visit Dr Bob Rich's page for valuable Stretches for Writers


I also use Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred Version 6, as detailed in this article.





Background – “Path-through-the-years”, by Sallyo's Backgrounds