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New Fantasy Novels for YA readers.

Replay is the story of two young lovers, born in Saxon England, who find themselves on a whirlwind journey through time. In their current incarnation, Aelfthryth is known as Ellie Hilliard, while her young husband, Harry, shares the body of a schnauzer dog. Ellie has been kidnapped, and she whiles away her captivity by telling her fantastic story to her fellow-captive, Saranna. What Ellie doesn't know is that Saranna, too, has a secret.

Replay is available in paperback or PDF format from the link above.   Read a few pages or buy.




Pride: Bridgeover Sundown is the story of Artie Steel, a young ANZAC soldier whose fall at Gallipoli is not the end. It is also the tale of Glen Steel, who was born in 2010 and now struggles in a paternalistic world that keeps him young at the age when his forefathers were men at 17. In a bid for independence, Glen borrows his sister's new Bradman Pride and takes off on a journey into the outback... where he discovers myth, mystery, temptation, horror ... and Artie, and learns about Australia's past in an uncomfortably specific way.

Pride: Bridgeover Sundown is available in paperback or PDF format from the link above.  Read a few pages or buy


New Fantasy Novels for Primary readers.



The Ducktators is the story of Flip Chase, whose life is increasingly deranged when her brother's friend Duncan buys two ducklings and gives one of them to Flip. As they find themselves obeying every whim of their feathered masters, Flip and Duncan discover they are not the only victims of the ducktators... But how many of the creatures are there? And what do they want? Read a few pages or buy


Wintersong is a novelette companion to Shadowdancers, and follows the fortunes of Amara, daughter of Fraeman and Dawkinds, when she comes to train as a Valourn under Master ShuMar. As the daughter and sister of champions, she is destined for great things... but there's a problem. She cannot find a suitable partner.



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                                                                                                                                        Lilly is the princess of a tiny pocket-sized kingdom called Mirryam. She leads a free and happy life with her father, King Donathan, his short-sighted advisor, Col, and the stableboy, Jedket. Now neighbouring dukedom Bellover has a brand new duke, who has been going through some musty papers. Duke Bezzal has learned something very interesting, but what will it mean for Mirryam and her people?

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