This is a listing of the characters in *most of my books.


*i.e. - I have left out the names of real historical people, and of characters I didn't invent, such as Blinky Bill.


There are two sites.


THIS ONE has entries in alphabetical order, surnames first.


If a character's surname isn't mentioned in his/her book, then the first (only) name is used instead.


Thus you might get an entry for "Susan Thorne" under "People T", but another Susan whose surname is never mentioned will be under "People S".


The alternative version, which is First Names First, is through HERE.


To make it easier to find entries, I have broken the alphabet so "A" is split to include "AA", "AB", "AC" etc. So, if you're looking for "Pirimba Raven" you should check out "RA" on the People R page..


In the case of unrelated families of the same surname, I've split the entries with * between them.


Names beginning with Mac (like MacDonald) come under "MA" while Mc names (like McDaftie) come under "MC".


Family listings consist only of characters actually appearing in the book. Thus the lack of parent(s) in a listing doesn't necessarily mean they don't exist. It would have been too confusing to add all the characters known only as 'Mum', 'Dad', 'Gran' etc.


Book titles featuring the characters are usually given in full, but in some cases I have take shortcuts when a character appears in several novels. Shortcuts include


The Springford Books These are Her Kingdom for a Pony and The Day the Cows Slept In, both very early titles from the 1970s. These books have associations with The Rosina Books.


The Rosina Books These are Rosina and Her Calf, Rosina and the Show and Rosina and Kate, all early 1980s. They feature cross-over characters with the Springford Books.


Timothy W-W This is Timothy Whuffenpuffen-Whippersnapper.


The Amber Books These comprise Down River, Time off, Winter-Spring Garden, The Suitcase, Another Good Friend and All the Sea Between. The Amber Books might also include The Magician's Box.


The Bandinangi Books These comprise Five Easy Lessons, One Weird Week, Three Loony Months, Three Missing Days (aka Ex-Spelled) and Kayak. Other titles with ties to the series include Spiral Stairs, The Magician's Box and Parroty.


The Knight Books these include Knightfall and Knight Protector.


If you want to ask me anything about this site, contact me at sodgers@tassie.net.au .



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