“Get rid of one pesky guy and another one falls at my feet.

(Sarah Little to A.J. Tobias – A BIRD, A BLOKE AND A BOYFRIEND.)


"I wasn’t going to let a statue have my bird.”

A.J.. Tobias to Sarah Little - A BIRD, A BLOKE AND A BOYFRIEND.)


O'Connor lost his life for love. He's willing to do it again.

(Tagline for O'CONNOR'S LAST STAND.)


“And here’s me thinking if a man does right by his fellows he could sleep the sleep of the just at night and go gracefully into the light when his days are over.” (Flynn O'Connor to Annabel Falmouth, "O’Connor’s Last Stand".)


"Blessings of field and forest, of mountain and of spring..."

The centaur's blessing from "Hector's Garden".


“Most people don’t commit suicide twice,” said Suzo.

“Most people don’t commit suicide once,” corrected Tad. “I wonder what he’ll try for an encore?”



“So you’ve got some blood in your veins after all! I was beginning to wonder if you were running on pure chicken soup!” (Elizabeth McKenzie to her great-nephew Alister; KISSING COUSINS.)


 “Aunt Elizabeth’s a retro-Gloriana, the Virgin Queen.” Alister McKenzie of his great-aunt Elizabeth - (KISSING COUSINS


She deserved the idea of pearls, if she had to get sliced by the reality of oysters.

(Tell Clancy reflects in TRINITY STREET)