Iím sleeping the dream of the ages

I was old when Australia was born.

My image on primitive pages

In ochre and rockdust is drawn.


You think you can drink of my water

Believe you are one with my land?

Then come to the rocks of my dreaming

And enter my world where you stand.


Iím dreaming the night of the twilight

As I stir in my place in your mind.

I speak in the shadows as my light

Is shining for me and my kind.


You hope you can sit on my hilltop?

And hold paradise in your palm?

Then come to the edge of my rainbow

Perhaps I will do you no harm.


Nightmares may come in the suntime

As you stand on the roof of my will.

Believe if you may in the one time--

And hope I am drowsing here still.


Take life and pay for your taking

And give of your sweat to the stone--

Man, never wake me from dreaming

For now I'm forever alone.