Beloved, distant island in the witched Aegean Sea,
Sing your siren lullaby, and bid my spirit free-
To arrow through the seas of dawn
And, cast upon the shore,
Let me wake to long agos, and live in evermore.

Sing me to the islands,
Where bold Odysseus trod,
There shall I make my peace with ancient gods.

Bring me to the hemisphere that lulls me from my dreams;
I love cicada melodies; yet melancholy deems-
My days be spent in reverie,
And contemplation, still;
Call me, distant islands, call, and I shall breathe my fill.

Bear me o’er the oceans
Where the kraken stirs below,
And let me end my days of longing so.

Set my ship upon your breast, oh buxom mother ocean,
Rock me, hold me, carry me- accept my wry devotion;
For I have loved you as a son,
And cursed your endless tides-
Take me to my island, pray, where hence I shall abide.

Tell me stirring stories;
As the hero strides, unbound,
And let the clash of memory resound.

Look not upon my single orb; it flinches from the light,
Legend has it I am blind; but yet I have my sight,
For I am healed to walk again,
On that beloved shore;
And wake at last to long ago to live forevermore.

Wing me to the islands,
Where my tale may yet be told,
And let me face my destiny, howe’er it shall unfold.