Ring around the Moon




I streamed to Earth one afternoon

In showered rainbow rays;

A curtained surreality

Of opal hope ablaze.

My iridescence gleamed the trees

And glistened in the shade,

My smile lit all the shadows up

And nacred every blade.


And who am I , beloved?

See my face and turn the leaf;

You cannot bear to look and know

My grief.


My feet trod mighty thunderheads

I rode the coming storm.

I blazed the breath of dynasties

I ushered in the morn.

My hands have cradled millions;

Oh, the hearts my eyes have torn!

My love is terrible to know

By me the world is sworn.



And who am I, my children?

See my feet and turn to stone.

You cannot bear to look at me



Mine eyes have seen the birth of time

My voice resounds in awe.

I ride the blare of sunset light

I smite the ragged shore.

My words are in the trumpets

That Gabriel has blown-

I am the rainbow’s warrior

And I am coming home.


And who am I, beloved?

Seek a sword and find a dove

You cannot fail to look at me

In love.


Ring around the Moon