Aye, come aní romp the waves wií me

In this abandoned ride;

Passion flies and washes free

On my tempestuous tide-

I love inclemently.


Through grasp and gasp, through cry and sigh-

First love of all your life am I.


 Plunge from your earthbound, human shore,

Beneath my crystal swell,

Embrace the spume and beg for more,

And I shall treat ye welló

Aye, as the poets tell.


 By kiss by kiss, by pearly breast-

In all your life yeíll loí me best.


I cast my silken pelt for few,

Take on my human phase;

And all your dreams I might imbue

To last ye all your daysó

If what ye fear were true.


By stroke and thrust, by sigh and splash-

If yeíre my lad then Iím your lass.


 Aye, roll wií me in weightless grace,

And match me wií your lust;

The smile upon my bonnie face

Will light ye to your dust;

Iíll be your first embrace.


In splash by splash, in flesh by fur-

Your vision of our time shall blur.


But I would not encumber ye,

My bonnie boy so braw-

And so I waive a selkieís plea

And cast ye on the shore,

For your humanity-


In salty skin and fevered moan-

I take ye, now to be my own.


But now yeíve loved a silky maid

Itís best that you begone;

Your vision of our time shall fade

Iíll not be greeting long-

Your peace Iíd never trade.


By love and pity for our state-

Iíve milked ye wellónow wipe the slate