Ring around the Moon



I am the sprite of the rainbows;

My footfall softly goes

Trippingly over the sunrays,

To light on the cheek of a rose.

I smile from the islands of treetops;

On the breast of a cloud shall I dance-

I am the chill of the evening;

The gossamer wisp of romance.


So ask me not for my ancient name

Nor try to see me clear

I spin my wiles in the minds of men

With a spangle of pagan fear.



I am the age of the oak tree,

My weaving made the spring.

I am the child of the hilltops,

And the pipe of a faerie ring.

I beckon to you from the ocean,

On the curve of a wave I tread-

I am the lover of midnight;

I am the quick of the dead.


So ask me not for a gentle kiss

Nor look for my sidelong smile

I spin my wiles in the hearts of men

Iím the dream of a man beguiled.


I am the scent of the haymow,

My tears are the dew of the dawn;

Back in the dark of the eons

Lies the moment when I was born.

I watch for the moment of waking,

My whisper unsettles the night-

Donít listen for me in the moondark

I am the maiden of light.


Yet ask me not for the touch of my hand

Nor the sigh of my breath as I pass

I spin my wiles in the knowledge of men

Whose flesh is to me, as the grass.


ring around the moon