I was there in the living stone,

As the world convulsed to birth,

And in the stars of the galaxies

That spun the stuff of Earth.

I bathed in the seas of bitter rain

As Terra found her form,

And on the tempest wild and dark

I ruled the coming storm.


And here may I linger in edge to your mind-

(Look for me, list for me, do!)

My day it is dying, my time is near done

Wait for me, give me my due.


I am here in the ancient stone,

As the world grows dim with tears,

And in the burning of meteors

That bear your human fears.

I drift in the showered energy

Of Terraís wondering,

And from the age of reasoned cold

Iím dispossessed as king.


And here may I wait at the edge of your sight

(Reach for me, seek for me, now)

My day it is doomed, my eye growing dim

Rise for me, can you not bow?



And I shall be there in the crumbled stone,

As the world it is tossed away,

And in the dust as the star-stuff falls

Will the ages light my way.

Iíll fade like a wraith of the long ago

As Terra lays her down-

And from the silence that falls in the end

Then shall I pluck my crown.


 And here may I lie at the edge of your life

(Cling to me, speak for me, then)

That my day be reborn, and my life be renewed

And I shall be lord again.

But perchance I am lost in the ebb of the tide

(Named no more, neither cursed, nor blessed)

Oh then shall I sail to oblivion's shore

And there may I dreamless rest.