Unicornís Morn


Moon of the darkness! Iím child of the word

As itís writ in the pages of right;

And my name shall be known

To my chosen, alone-

I am the son of delight.


My gift of enhancement

May burn where it falls

Dare you accept it while you are so small?

Will you reject it or might you be torn

Ďtwixt facing or spurning the unicornís morn?


Web of the starlight; Iím here in your weft

As itís loomed from the galaxies, bright;

And my portrait is drawn

In crescendos of dawn-

I am the daughter of might.


My horn full of healing

Will sing for the wild

Dare you to touch me while you are a child?

Will you brush past me? Or maybe youíll scorn

That day when I offer the unicornís morn?


Mist of the daybreak shall conjure my world

As itís spun from the eons of night;

And the tale is begun

(Dazzled haloes of sun)-

I am the offspring of light.


My eyes full of wisdom

The truth on my tongue-

Dare you to meet me while you are so young?

Could you but greet me in trembling dawn?

On the day when Iím gifting the unicornís morn?


Blare of the sunshine in strength of the day

As the shadows fall short in your sight;

Oh, my form shall be veiled

In cold reason exhaled-

As fantasyís put to the flight.


I could have been with you

In step with your kind

But the unicornís morn lies forgotten, behind-

My treasure of riches

A trove for the mind-

You never chanced daring; and so you are blind.

Blind for the future and deaf for today

As the unicornís morning has all passed awayÖ