Above the world that I once knew

I look from my high window

Iím watching as the winds blow

Across the world I knew.


Forget the time that passes me

Forget the ill I did

Let me court oblivion




Beyond the days Iím seeing now

I rove in misty rooms

Iím drifting in the gloom

That veils the days of now.


Reject the visions as they come

Reject the memories

Let me rest eternally

At ease.



Iím watching sunrise glowing dim

I see the light diffused

As sleep to meís refused

The sun is glowing dim.


Turn from daydreams they transcend

Turn from phantom light

Let me close my eyes at last




From windows in the place I built

I gaze from vanished eyes

I watch the famished skies

Through windows of my guilt.


Pray, embrace the love you know

And still the march of time

So I may cast this fading shell

Of mine.

Take the beauty while you may

Love the days you live

Heed the warning of my words