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Sallyo's Worlds  (updated September, 2002.)

Welcome to my worlds.

Worlds? As in plural? Yes, that's right. It's a hobby of mine.

So - how did I get into this? It's a long story...

I've been inventing towns and other geographical features since my teens, when I created a Tasmanian town called "Springford" to house my characters. Springford features in two books;

"Her Kingdom for a Pony" (1977) and "The Day the Cows Slept in" (1979).


Shortly after this, I invented the Palm River, and two towns named Greer and Gilmour, which eventually featured in six books; the trio of;

"Down River" (1980), "Time Off" (1982) and "Winterspring Garden" (1984), the duo of "Another Good Friend" and "All the Sea Between" (both 1991) and the single title "The Suitcase" (1987).



Since then, I have invented many more "real-life type" places, information on which will eventually be accessed here at Realworlds. (Under construction).

For now -

Next, in 1986, came Copper Creek, another small town in Tasmania. This one featured in the story "The Powerful Pickle Problem", and was the first to have related street names such as Miners' Parade and Gold Street.

A few years later, Bandinangi and Kissinhurst popped into my mind. These featured in the Bandinangi Books sequence of "Three Missing Days" (aka "Ex-spelled"), "Five Easy Lessons", "Three Loony Months", "One Weird Week" and "Kayak", and also, in "The Magician's Box" and "Maya the Adventureless".

Bandinangi was a fully realised town with street names such as Moon Street, Sol Street, Southern Cross Gardens, Milky Way Street, Andromeda Avenue etc. It wasn't what you might call an ordinary town, having more than its share of eccentrics and weird happenings. Kissinhurst was its nearest neighbour, sometimes caught up on the edge of the weirdness. I've always been fond of Bandinangi and visit it now and again in later stories, just for fun.

After this, I got ambitious, and now I reckon I "own" huge chunks of the Australian mainland as well as the occasional off-shore island. Favourite creations include -

towns - Rosella, Cockatoo, Boronia, Nugget Creek (setting of Fools' Gold,) Desolé, Dimanche.

cattle or sheep properties - Ballahoo, Gold's Kingdom, Gang Gang, Emmadale, Dreaming Plains, Glen Heather, Kelly's Kingdom, Lassiter Springs and Golden Lode.

islands - Atonement, Allirra.

Houses, schools or other instalations- Avalon, St Saviours, St Bonifaces, Swan House, Hub HI-Q.

boats - Aphrodite, Jemima, Website, Jenny Penmarrick


Although these creations are real enough to me, and although they have their own histories, they don't really qualify as "worlds" as they all reside within World-as-we-know-it. (Yes, even Bandinangi!)


Like your fiction based firmly in reality? Later, you'll be able to check out Sallyo's GeoPlaces . (Under construction) for some of my book-settings you can actually visit!


But now we come to the real otherworlds, the worlds that can exist only in the realm of imagination. Of course, some of them use Realworld settings as a jump-off point...

Click on a title to visit these Otherworlds, then click on through to meet the characters who live there. The Otherworlds are listed in order of creation, and not all of them are completely active yet. If you're interested, please let me know. You can e-mail me at sodgers@tassie.net.au.



The Unicorn Worlds - Nrocinu, Nrocirt and Nroclin. Created - early 1970s.

Spacestation X. Created - late 1980s.

Ankoor, Rargon and McAnerin - created 1988-1994 - 2000.

Celadon. Created 1996.

Otherworld. Created 1998 for the short book "In the Blink of an Eye".

The Slavers' World. Created 1998 for the short book "A Boy's Best Friend".

Elydia and the Spiral Worlds - Created 1998 -1999 for an ambitious, and still unfinished, quartet of books to be called "The Millichancer, "Piper's Dream", "Dryads' Well", and "Gift of Elydia".

Braveria - created 2001 for Knightfall.

Sisterin, created 2001 for "Waterfall". Places within Sisterin include Eberclere, Guysh, and Sharm.




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