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Authors and illustrators from Australia and NZ

Modified September 25th 2006.

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Goldie Alexander

A writer from Victoria, author of "My Story: Surviving Sydney Cove", "Seawall", "Easternport Bay" etc. Specialises in children's novels.

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Gary Allen

 Australian author of the work-in-progress known as " The Lath'roug Saga ". Gary's published works are all related to and supporting this central body of fiction. A very impressive website provides background to the saga.


Keri Arthur

Australian author of "Hearts in Darkness", "Dancing with the Devil" and "Circle of Fire".

Specialises in paranormals.



Aussie Reviews Site.



Di Bates

Author, lecturer and manuscript assessor based in Wollongong. Di's books include "The Last Refuge", "Cinderfella" and "The Shape".  Buy Di's books at this shop.


Patricia Bernard

Author/lecturer from Sydney, NSW. Books include "The Outcast", "Deadly Sister Love" and "The Stolen Giant Cheesecake". Writes for children and adults.

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Jennifer Brassel

Sydney-based author of published romance and w.i.p. fantasy. Titles include "Honour Bound".



Janeen Brian


South Australian award-winning children's writer and poet. Genres include picture books, fiction, poetry and non-fiction for both trade and educational publishers. Award-winning books: 'Where does Thursday go?' and 'Pilawuk - When I was Young'. Notable titles: Dog Star, leaves for Mr
Walter, Duck Down, Rocky. Janeen has written sixty books (many translated) and also writes for children's magazines in Australia and USA.



Chris Cheng

Sydney-based author of "ZOO You Later", "Alpine Regions" and "Rainforests" etc. Specialises in books about wildlife and ecology.

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Daphne Clair (aka Laurey Bright and Daphne De Jong)

NZ author of "Huntersford", "A Guilty Passion" and "Gather the Wind" etc, specialising in romance.

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Lucy Clark

 Australian author of romance novels including "The Family He Needs", and 2002 titles "The Outback Match" and "The Visiting Surgeon".

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Margaret Clark

 Australian author of all kinds of things, specializing in popular fiction for childrena and YA readership. Titles include "The Revenge of the Vampire Librarian", "Hot Stuff" and "Dog on the Job".

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Bill Condon

Wollongong-based author and poet. Books include "Mrs Wolf and the porkers", "Dogs" and "Jack and the Magic Baked Beans".  Bill's books are stocked at this shop.


Meredith Costain

Victorian author of "Get a Life with Freddie and Fifi" etc. Specialises in children's fiction and non-fic.

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Cory Daniells

Author of "The Last T'En", "Dark Dreams" etc. Specialises in fantasy and/or sf.

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Julie D'Arcy

Victorian author of "Time of the Wolf" and "Silverdawn". Specialises in heroic fantasy.

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Rosanne Dingli

Author of "Death in Malta", "Dust Gathered in an Afternoon", etc. Specialises in novels and short fiction.

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David Drew (Real name - Steve Moline)

Author of "Caterpillar Diary" and the "Informazing Series". Specialises in children's non-fiction.



Hazel Edwards

Victorian, author of "Stalker", "Women and Health; Getting the Balance Right" and " There's a Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Cake", “The Frozen Chosen” etc. Versatile writer of several genres. March 2004 release – “Hand Me Down Hippo”.

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Paul and Sandy Frazer

Adelaide-based bestselling author / illustrator team responsible for "Living Lite" and "Lite for Life!"

Sandy specialises in low-fat healthy recipes.





Jackie French

Very busy and versatile writer, author of "Missing You, Love Sarah", "Rainstones; "Bert and the Band" etc. Specialises in children's books and gardening/environmental non-f.

Winner, 2001 Aurealis Award for Best Short Children's Fiction for "The Café on Callisto" (Koala Books).

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Libby Gleeson

Libby Gleeson is the Australian author of many books including "Dodger", "Eleanor, Elizabeth" and "I am Susannah". Specialises in books for children and YA readers.

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Anne Gracie

Australian romance author. Titles include "Gallant Waif", "Tallie's Knight" and "How the Sheriff was Won".


DC Green

DC Green, Ulladulla-based author of action-packed, hilarious books for 8-108 year olds


William Gruar


William Gruar is the New Zealand-based author/publisher of "Achilles" and "Everyone Came", and the founder of Valid Press.



Barbara Hannay

Queensland based author of romance novels including "Outback with the Boss", "Borrowed Bachelor", and "Outback Baby". Barbara specialises in romance with Australian outback settings.

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Ian Irvine

writer from NSW. Books include " A Shadow on the Glass "and its three sequels and "The Last Albatross". Specialises in fantasy and eco-thrillers.



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Anna Jacobs

writer from W.A. Books include "Our Polly", "A Pennyworth of Sunshine", "Lancashire Lass" etc. Specialises in 'women's fiction' and has also written sf.

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Paul Jennings

Victorian writer who specialises in wildly imaginitive short stories and humour. Books include "Grandad's Gift", "Quirky Tailes", "Singenpoo Shoots Through" etc. Buy books by Paul Jennings




Cheryl Jorgensen


Cheryl Jorgensen is the author of  “A Quality of Light”, published by Blake Publications, Brisbane.




Wendy Laing

Writer from Victoria. Author of "Cap'n Angus, the Lighthouse Ghost." Specialises in humour and poetry. . Two of her books, "Cap'n Angus" and "Sir Henry, the Knight in Space" have been released as audio books.



John Martin

Tasmanian born, now living in Canberra, John Martin is the author of “Apples” and also short humour published in newspapers and on the net. Visit John’s site at for a good laugh.


Bren MacDibble

Bren MacDibble is the author of Become a Children's Writer.  Click here to buy the book.

Jill McDougall

Jill McDougall is an Adelaide writer whose books include ‘Anna the Goanna and other poems’, ‘Seriously Alex!’ and ‘Seriously Snappy”. Specialises in children’s fiction and non-fiction.


Joanie MacNeil

Writer from Canberra. Joanie's books include "Desperate and Dateless", "A Time for Love", "A Traditional Affair". Specialises in romance.

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Tricia McGill

Melbourne-based author of "Blue Haze", "White Clover" and "Amaryllis". Tricia specialises in exciting romantic novels which include sf and historical settings. Tricia's titles are always delightful.

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Maureen McMahon

Writer from Victoria. Maureen's books include "Return of the Gulls", and "Shadows in the Mist". Specialises in romantic suspense.

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Geoffrey McSkimming

Author of the "Cairo Jim" series, "Cairo Jim and the Secret Sepulchre" etc, and Jocelyn Osgood

Series, "Xylophones Above Zarundi". etc

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Jen McVeity

Melbourne-based author of many books including "Dreamcatcher" and "Shadow Seeker". Jen is an accomplished speaker, and travels regularly in her work.

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Garth Nix

Author of "Sabriel", "Loriel", "The Fall" etc. Specialises in fantasy fiction.

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Brenda Northeast

Brenda is the S.A.-based author/illustrator of "For the Love of Vincent", "For the Love of Auguste", "For the Love of Claude" etc. Specialises in very unusual picture books.

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Robyn Opie

Robyn Opie is a South Australian-based writer or children's books. Her titles include "Chick Catches Dinner" and "Leafy Sea-dragons".


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Wendy Orr

Victorian author of many titles including "Ark in the Park", "Jessica Joan", "Arabella", and "Dirtbikes". Specialises in children's books and has also written for adults.

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Ann Patrick

NZ author of books including "Model in Flight" and "The Wandering Minstrel". Specialises in romance. Ann Patrick, whose real name is Patricia Snelgrove, is also in demand for her talks on e-publishing.

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Beverley Paine


South Australian author of "The Chimaera Conspiracy", specialises in science fiction.

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Valerie Parv

Canberra based author Valerie Parv specialises in romance novels, but also writes non fiction. Titles include; "The Art of Romace Writing", "I'll Have What She's Having" and "The Idea Factory".

Josephine Pennicott

Tasmanian born, Sydney based author of the "Circle of Nine" trilogy. "Circle of Nine" is available now, with "Bride of the Stone" and "A Fire in the Shell" to follow. Josephine is also an artist.

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Bob Rich

Victorian. Author of "Striking Back Down Under", "Sleeper Awake" etc. Specialises in sf, fantasy and non-fic.

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David Rish

Tasmanian. Author of "Detective Paste", "Extraordinary Ordinary" etc. Specialises in children's books and scripts. 

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Emily Rodda

NSW author of books for children and adults. Titles include "Rowan of Rin", "Power and Glory", and "Finders Keepers".

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Michael Salmon

NZ born Australia-dwelling author many titles including “The Monster that ate Canberra” and “Alexander Bunyip”.


Linda Shillabeer

Qld based author of "The Mist of Doom." Linda specialises in fantasy and horror. Visit Linda's publisher, The Writers' Garret.




Derek Smith


Derek Smith is a Canberra-based author specializing in science fiction.  Titles include “Rat2rap”.

Richard Spurling


            South Australia-based author of works for adults and children. Books include Kid Ghost, Hemp, and Footsteps in My Mind.


Tasmanian Writers' Register

Loren Teague


Loren Teague is the New Zealand based author of "Jagged Greenstone" and "An Irish Promise". Loren specialises in romantic thrillers.

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Sharon Watson

W.A.-based author of "The Parson's Daughter". Sharon specialises in regency romance.



Alan Wheatley

Alan Wheatley is the Victorian-based author of several books, including He's Got to Learn  HarperCollins Skinny Books, Missing Minikin  HarperCollins Skinny Books, On the Trail  Longman SupaDoopers, Merchant of Death  HarperCollins BlueGum, and Koala Emergency  MacMillan Education Breakers. Alan is also the editor of Bonzer Magazine.




Anne Whitfield

Anne Whitfield was born in NSW, spent time in the UK and is now based in Coffs Harbour. She writes fiction set in Victorian England and Australia, and has published short stories. You can check them out at this link


Kim Wilkins

Brisbane-based author of novels for adults and YA readers. Titles include "Bloodlace" and "The Resurrectionists". Specialises in fantasy and horror.

Winner, 2001 Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel for "Angel of Ruin" (HarperCollins).

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Janet Woods

Perth-based author of short stories and novels which include "Daughter of Darkness", "A Dorset Girl" and "Against the Tide". Janet specialises in popular fiction.

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Lorraine Bawden

Based in Mandurah, WA, NZ born Lorraine Bawden's work includes book illustration, murals and other forms of art, including custom-made pieces.  Fantasy paintings are particularly powerful.

Matt Elder

Australian illustrator / artist. Matt Elder's work includes cartoons, brilliant modern creations, wallpapers and animations. His black and white work is very impressive.


Dion Hamill

Professional illustrator from Perth, W.A. Dion's work is modern and stylish with lots of attitude.

Jeffy James

New Zealand based illustrator

Dez Robertson

Graphic designer/ illustrator from New Zealand, may soon be in Sydney, Australia. Dez specialises in cartooning and caricature (featuring excellent likenesses).


Akarana Vaega

Artist and illustrator, based in Auckland City, New Zealand.  Specialises in charming pictures of animals and people, "soft cartoon" style, pastel colours.


Calling Aussie and Kiwi authors and illustrators! If you have a home page, and would like it listed here, send your details to -

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