Boy Down Under

Review excerpts - for BOY DOWN UNDER


Teen books just ainít what they used to be! This fantasy book holds its own in storyline against most adult books Iíve read. The characters are fascinating and you spend the whole book wondering what the truth is about Patrick.

Morgan Chilson, Reviewer


BOY DOWN UNDER has become one of my favorite fantasy books!  The story draws you in and doesn't let you go until you turn the final page.  From the mysterious Patrick to Ro's boy-crazy friend, Hallie, the characters are as different as the cards in a deck. With a surprise ending worthy of Agatha Christie, BOY DOWN UNDER will keep you guessing from beginning to end.

Amanda Roberts


**** I am almost reluctant to categorize this as young adult; it has a depth that you will only understand after reading it, but a magical quality that perhaps you must be at least a child at heart to grasp. Everyone needs a Patrick in their life, even if it's only in print. ****

Boy Down Under