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Like many other Australian novelists and children's book writers, I write poetry as well as prose. Since the 1980s, when children's anthologies flourished, the poetry market has shrunk considerably.

For most poets the dream of achieving commercial publication for their poems in book form will never be more than a dream, but all is not lost. There are still ways to share your poetry, even if it doesn't pay very well (or sometimes, at all).


Consider the following;


Poetry competitions are still quite common. Sometimes winning entries are published in newspapers or magazines, giving the poets publishing cred. if not payment.

If you know of a good regular poetry competition, e-mail me at sodgers@tassie.net.au and I'll put the details here.

Would you be interested in a competition from this site? For an entry fee of $5.00 (AUD) your poem could be in with a chance to win the grand prize - whose value would depend on the number of entries. I suppose there would need to be at least 100 entries to make it worthwhile, once judging expenses were deducted. This isn't happening yet, but it's a possibility for the future. What do you think?



If you can afford it, this is a satisfying way to present your poetry. You might not make a profit, but your book will be available to friends and family members. If you decide to go this route, get at least three quotes from different printers before you make a decision. If you have the relevant skills you could also publish your book yourself. If you have a self publishing tale, good or bad, send it along and I'll put it on this site.



The internet has provided a stamping ground for local poets, and some of them are very good indeed. You could make your own poetry site as I have done, or you could contribute poems to an existing site. If you do this, consider these points;

Web-published poetry should be suitable for general exhibition.

It should have wide appeal.

Avoid using poetry as a weapon. Satire and humour are fine, but don't use it to stir up trouble.

Keep poems fairly short. Most people don't like reading long poems on-line.

Be aware that web-published poetry might be copied and used elsewhere, and also might affect your "unpublished" status for competitions.



Some e-publishers accept poetry mss. As with any publisher, check out their product and practices before you commit yourself and your poems.



Poems can make delightful gifts.



Poetry began as an oral form, and pub poetry flourishes in some communities. Ask about to see where you, and others, might perform. Know a good place already? Let me know and I'll spread it around.


If you'd like to read my article The Poetry Problem it's online here.




And now it's time to put my poetry where my mouth is (so to speak). Click on a link to read a poem or group of poems. I'll be adding more from time to time, so feel free to come back.


A TIME TO REMEMBER Poems for the past and for special occasions.

LOVING HEARTS Poems of trust and loyalty - sometimes from unexpected sources.

 TERRITORIAN SET Poems for Australia's Northern Territory.