Long Ago Love Songs is a collection of love songs and dancing songs from the past. They are all set in the British Isles, and the periods range from mediaeval to 19th Century. 

Aelfthryth's Song is not from a particular period. The narrator, Aelfthryth, is a Saxon girl who has been tossed, with her boy husband, into time...

The Ballad of Halfling Dan tells the tale of the son born to a Lady of the Sidhe after he leaves the fairy hill to make his way in the world.

The Clansman's Words to his Love A Scottish man bids his love farewell. Their clans are at war and he is sending her away for safety.

The Courtship of Kate and Will. An Elizabethan English country couple tell of their courtship and wedding.

Dancing Ground. A welcome to everyone on the village green.

Following the Drum introduces 18th Century camp-follower Polly, who loves an Army boy.

The Knight's Lady Weeps For Shame. This Norman girl has been playing at magic. Now she regrets it.

Lady of the Sidhe sees a 16th Century lad seduced by an Irish fairy lady.

Love Next Time. A 19th Century man longs for the love he knows lies ahead of him in time...

The May Queen's Farewell The 16th Century May Queen has loved her young man, but now she must be sensible. She bids him a last farewell on the day before her wedding.

A Peculiar Proposal is about a 17th Century man who fell in love with a nymph of the forest. he's looking for a human girl to heal his broken heart.

Peg Announces Her Intentions. Hardworking Peg has her eye on a likely young man. She's all set for a wedding, but Patrick doesn't know it yet!

The Pledge Unmade. A village lad and his Gypsy sweetheart choose common sense.

The Seaman's Lady at her Prayers. A sailor's wife prays that he will come safely home.

Sherwood Duet. An English Marion lays down the law to her Robin.

The Suitor Waits for his Love. Back in Norman times, a ghostly suitor waits for his love to join him.

Sword Song   takes place in fairytale time, harking back to the story of The Sleeping Beauty.

Underhill . A Scottish Janet sings to her Tom and warns him away from the Queen of the Faeries.

The Wedding of Henry and Joan. A London merchant marries a middle-aged lady for love.

The Widow's Song . A Saxon widow considers suicide.


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