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SALLYO'S BACKGROUNDS. (updatedAugust 3rd, 2003.)


I have created some jpegs to use as backgrounds. If you would like to use any, you are welcome to "collect" them by right clicking and saving them to your hard drive. An acknowledgement and link would be appreciated. To see the backgrounds, click on the title links. Currently, there are three categories; “Flowers and Plants”, “Animals and Birds” and “Something Different”.




Flowers and plants.


Apple-in-the-breeze (A simple large leaf background.)


Art on a Gum Tree (A naturally patterned sheet of gum tree bark.)


Bamboo (A light green and brown background.) new


Clover. (A clover leaf for luck or gardeners.)


Ghost-grass (seeding grasses)


Hawkbit (a delicate hawkbit sprig – pale green and pink.)


Hawkbit Curved (a different rendition with bolder strokes.)


Oak Illuminated (an autumn-toned mass of oak leaves.) new.


Path-through-the-years (buttercup and grass seed)


Tasmanian Christmas (A Christmas bouquet)


Tasmanian Christmas Bold (A Christmas bouquet - brighter)


Tasmanian wind. (windtossed leaves)


Tasmanian Summer. (Summer flowers and feathers)


Virginia Creeper (red and green leaves) new


Virginia Red (muted red leaves) new


Wattle in September (Wattle blossom and leaves)


  waysider green. (Pale green sprig of flowering grass)


Waysider blue.(Flowering grass in blue.)


Bridport Daisy (A solid mass of pink and white daisies.)


Tasmanian winter (Leaves, flowers and seeds from a winter garden)


Under the Gumtree (gumleaves and gumnuts.)


Under the Gumtree Blue. (gumleaves and gumnuts blue.)



Animals and Birds.



Woofie.  (for dog-lovers.)


 Galah (Pale grey galah feather on a white background)


Galah blue. (A dove-grey galah feather on a pale blue background.)


Budgie Glow (Black background with glowing feathers.)


Budgie Blue (Budgie feather background, tinted blue.)


Budgie (Budgie feather background, natural colour.)


Woofie Run (Another one for the dog lovers! Running pup on summer grass.)


Unforgotten (Spaniel background.)


Flight (A cockatoo in flight)


Cockatwo (a pair of cockatoos on a perch.)



Something Different.



Acecoat (Pattern taken from a dog's coat… still on the dog.) new


Eye of Love (A dog's-eye pattern in soft brown.)


Eyes of Love (A dog's eyes gazing at you.)


Gems Under Water (sea-green and white pattern.)


Golden Toadstool (gold pattern.) new


Manuscript Ripple. (One for writers.)


Manuscript Green. (Another one for writers.)


Granite (A slab of Bridport granite.)


Reflecting (A pretty blue green abstract of reflected patterns and light.) new


Remembrance Day (A World War 2 Digger.)


Sky (A Tasmanian skyscape – Christmas Day 2001)


Shelldeep (Muted shells.)


Shells Undersea (sea-green shells.)


Shell Waves  (shells in a wavy pattern.)


Shell Waves Light (shells in a wavy pattern – lighter.)


Spacegrass (frosted green background.)


Tesscoat 2 (Pattern taken from a dog's coat… still on the dog


Unicorn Stamp (A faint unicorn pattern.) new USED ON THIS PAGE .


Velvet Light (A purple velvet pattern.) new


Web of Dreams (Blue and white cobweb pattern.) new


Wetsand (Sand on a Queensland beach.)