Writing Competition!


Updated May 2nd, 2005.






Hello everyone;


This is an open letter to teachers, children, librarians, booksellers, parents and others interested in children's literature.


I have decided to write a new book, which won't be like anything I have done before. The working title is "By Sally Odgers - By Request" and that is where you come in.


My plan is to write a book containing stories about subjects you would most like to see. These short stories would be aimed at readers in the mid to upper primary age-group, and would be of varying lengths and styles and various genres.


If you would like to have your say in the kinds of stories you read, I invite you to put your suggestion or request in an e-mail to me. Put SALLY BY REQUEST in the subject line, and send it to me at sally@sallyodgers.com .

 It would be great (though not essential) if you could put your name, age and area of expertise- for example; "I am a teacher" or "I love reading".





I do not need you to give me an idea for a story.


I do want your suggestions for the kinds of story I should include in this book.


Here's the kind of thing you might say;



I'd like to see a school story with a blind heroine.




I'd like to read an old-fashioned bush adventure.




I can't find enough stories about pirates.




I like stories about elephants.




I want a story about elves living in the city.





I need more stories with positive elderly characters.


If you don't have a specific idea, check out the possibilities through here.



To recap - the suggestions I want from you are for subjects you don't see enough of. Teachers might look at this from a curriculum point of view. Younger readers can press for more of your favourite kind of story.


Remember - I can't write stories about Harry Potter, Buffy or any other character I didn't invent. You can, however, ask for a story about one of the characters I *did* invent.


I'm hoping to get lots of e-mails over the next few weeks and I'll update this site often to let you all know my progress.  THE IDEAS SO FAR!


Thanks and best wishes from -


Sally Odgers



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