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This is a competition for young writers, published and unpublished.


There are four categories –


SINGLE FIGURES (for writers under 10 on December 31st 2003).


TENAGERS (for writers between 10 and 13 on December 31st 2003).


DOWN-TEENS (for writers aged between 13 and 16 on Dec 31st 2003).


UP-TEENS (for writers aged between 16 and 20 on Dec 31st 2003).



The rules for all categories are the same, but the entry fees are different. You can read about those below.


Here are the rules.


Writers should enter a short story.


The story must not be a retelling of someone else's story. It can be set in any time or place and be about any subject. It must be a story, with a beginning, middle and end, and not just a scene.



The story should be no longer than 3000 words, but it can be as short as the writer wishes.




Important – please read carefully.


Entries should be sent via e-mail attachment in MS Word or Text, and un-zipped.


Send entries to sodgers@dodo.com.au and put Story Competition in the subject line.


In the body of the e-mail, tell me your name, how old you are and which category you are entering.


Also tell me your choice of prize books if you win.


If you go to school, you could also tell me the name of your school. School entries (see more on this below) can be sent in batches.


If you cannot send e-mail attachments, you may post your entry to P.O. Box 90, Devonport, Tasmania, 7310. You must include the right number of stamps or an International Reply Coupon and your address so I can return your entry after the judging.






Entry fees may be paid in cash, cheques/checks in Australian dollars or money orders in Australian funds. They may also be paid in USD or GBP via PayPal. The entry fees are as follows. 


SINGLE FIGURES  and TENAGERS – entry fee of AUD $5.00 per entry.


DOWN-TEENS and UP-TEENS – entry fee of AUD $10.00 per entry.


Australian entry fees include GST.




A 20% reduction in entry fees for 20 entries or more,



Entry fees should be sent in an envelope addressed to P.O. Box 90, Devonport, Tasmania, 7310. They should be accompanied by a sheet of paper giving your name, your address, which category you are entering and the name of your entry, even if your entry itself is sent by e-mail.


If fewer than three entries are received in any category, entries and fees will be returned.



Closing date for receipt of entries is Dec 31st, 2003, Australian time.


The results will be posted on this page and also at http://theromancestudio.com  and Write Australian by January 31st, 2004.



The prize in each category is the winner's choice of any three of the books listed below, plus a full professional assessment (by Affordable Assessments) of his or her story.


Prize choices include–


Mini Pigs – (easy read)

Silly Ass - (easy read)

Just Like Emily - (easy read)

I'm Big Enough – (picture story book)

Sleepless in Space – (children's sf)

Knightfall (fantasy adventure.)

Knight Protector – (fantasy adventure)

Shadowdancers (YA fantasy)

The Case of the Disappearing Dog (children's sf)

Candle Iron (award-winning fantasy).

Taking a Chance (chapter book fantasy)

Trinity Street (YA time travel thriller)

Translations in Celadon (YA fantasy)

Another Good Friend (YA theatre romance)

All the Sea Between (YA theatre romance)

Anna's Own (historical saga for adults and older teens).

Shakedown – e-book YA caper book.


Any questions?


Send me an e-mail at sodgers@dodo.com.au



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